Ramps & Lifts

Are you looking to install a ramp, handrail or lift for your mobile home?

The correct ramps, handrails or lifts will provide the safety and protection that you desire.  Cal Star Mobile Home Construction is a universal and versatile mobile home construction company who works efficiently and carefully on many projects! Contact us to find out more.

We promise to do a quick job without interfering with your routine or leaving a mess!


Make your mobile home solutions today!

Cal Star Mobile Home Construction is a trustworthy mobile home construction company assisting you with crucial mobile home ramps, handrails, and lifts. No matter what type of home project you are working on, our goal is to provide both style and security.



Home makeovers, inside or out, and done right

You may want to consult us if your mobile home has damaged:
• Ramps
• Handrails
• Lifts
• New Stairways


Let us guide you and your family to the future of quality mobile home construction and maintenance!