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There is a difference between mobile home water heaters and those in a regular home. Manufactured home water heaters use a different air intake system which is vented through the floor (gas burners). You can use regular everyday water heaters in a mobile home, but you would be breaking building and safety codes. Mobile home water heaters are NOT smaller than conventional water heaters, and are offered in 30 and 40 gallon options now. They are also offered in both gas and electric, and the gas units are easily converted to propane by changing the orifices to the propane.

Cal Star Mobile Home Construction is your GO-TO Company for bathroom problems:

•Toilet Repair
•Water Lines
•Rusty Pipes
•Faucet / Pipe Repair
•Shower Surround
•Switch PVC to Copper
•Copper Repipes

Keep the water flowing

Old galvanized plumbing should be replaced to avoid rust problems. Get your old plumbing changed replaced with beautiful new copper plumbing.

Copper Pipes

Think about replacing your old aluminum wiring; it comes loose and has frequent problems. Replace it with copper pigtailing for a safer electrical system with less problems.

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